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Using Tags to Personalize Lead Generation

To personalize lead generation via automation is one of the most important growth strategies any business can use. Any time that you can automate a process like that, you’re able to save both time and money. You can grow your business and expand your customer base by doing more with less! It frees up your best employees to do more of the work that machines can’t.

Why You Need to Personalize Lead Generation

Long gone are the days where a business could expect to grow by cold-calling a list of random people. Customers have much higher expectations for their service providers now.

They are rather picky, in fact. We’re living in an age of online reviews for everything and computers in every pocket. It’s easy for customers to do their homework and figure out whether a purchase is in their interests or not.

It’s important to personalize your lead generation so that you can get ahead of that game. Not that you want to sell customers anything they won’t find useful. In the long run, that’s a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Personalizing lead generation means not wasting time. You don’t need to appeal to those who won’t ever enjoy your product or service. It’s about finding the people who are or could be most interested in what you’re selling.

How You Can Personalize With Tags

The process of personalization depends a great deal on the benefits of automation. Some initial setup is always necessary. Once the process is ready to run, though, it will save thousands of hours of work.

One of the ways such a system can work is by using tags within your CRM software. These tags record data gathered from users as they interact with your online content.

As a user goes from casual visitor to browsing more content, the software notices.

Some visitors may go as far as indicating an interest in buying, but end up abandoning their cart. Others do go on to buy, and may even come back for more.

Your CRM will take note of these differences. It assigns a tag to that prospect’s file based on them. That allows you to create campaigns to market in an appropriate way for each type of visitor.

This is instead of having to figure out what emails to send to which customers. It avoids the worse problem of sending out a blanket message regardless of interests. You can reach out to each prospect on a personal level.

Boom Demand Lead Generation Solutions

It’s one thing to have a strategy in place to personalize lead generation. It’s another thing to actually do it. The process we’ve described here seems simple, but setting it all up can get technical.

Relying on sales enablement solutions like ours can be a lifesaver. Our experience makes it easy for us to set up personalized campaigns. That’s how we drive business growth in a smart way.

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Shifting to Digital Marketing Lead Generation

Something big has happened in the world of marketing in 2019. For the first time, spending on digital marketing is now greater than it is for traditional media. That means that all forms of digital marketing lead generation are the new focus of spending. Print ads, TV, billboards, and radio commercials no longer dominate the marketing industry in any meaningful way. It’s like how newspapers appear to be succumbing to digital publication. It seems that digital marketing is taking over everywhere.

The Rise of the Machines

On the one hand, none of us should be surprised about this development. The internet and other digital channels offer greater possibilities for efficiency in marketing.

Why spend millions of dollars on a TV commercial? Sure, it’ll be seen by millions of people. But only a tiny fraction of them will end up buying anything because of it.

In the past, that might have been an effective ad spend.

Now, though, online advertisements cost a tiny fraction to produce compared to a TV spot. They can be designed to display only when somebody searches for specific terms relevant to the ad and the company producing it.

This efficiency and specificity are what’s making digital marketing lead generation so powerful. While there may still be a place for some forms of traditional advertising, we can expect this trend to continue into the future.

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Strategies for Every Business

Even taking into account these marketing trends, it’s not enough to place all your bets on one type of digital marketing. Every business is different. Different marketing platforms will work better for one type of business than another.

Say your company focuses on selling physical products via Amazon. It’s clear that Amazon’s ad platform is where you should direct the majority of your ad budget. In most other cases, Google’s AdSense service yields the best results. Having a presence on Facebook can provide great support. Other platforms exist too, but these are the biggest players.

Text advertising is the simplest to produce. It’s the most likely to engage customers for any purpose. Customers don’t like video ads as much, but that doesn’t mean you should write off video completely.

It’s also important for your company to determine what types of content will work best for your brand.

Content Considerations

Almost every company needs to be generating some type of searchable written content. It helps customers find your products when they’re looking for information using keywords. Both long- and short-form content are useful.

We mentioned that customers don’t engage as much with video ads. Many customers do find video content much more helpful than text, though. It’s gotten easier to create and publish video content. At the same time, it’s gotten easier for customers to access it with mobile devices.

Whatever your brand’s values, you should consider producing video content for your customers. It can deliver thousands of times more information than written content. Your customers are also more likely to remember the important aspects, too.

It may seem like we’ve gone full circle. Video is good, but creating a television ad is almost pointless these days. The difference is that online content is easier to target towards the customers it’s most likely to help.

Boom Demand helps companies implement customer outreach efforts. Our human action-based digital marketing lead generation solutions make it easy for companies to grow in the digital landscape. Make sure to reach out to us today for consultation on how to take the next steps after integrating your content and advertising!

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Personalized Lead Generation Benefits

Marketers the world over know how much their customers hate an irrelevant bombardment. Some still do it anyway because it’s what they’re best at doing, so the highways are still lined with billboards. There does exist a better way, now, though, thanks to the evolving technology of the internet. Personalized lead generation is more real and more effective now than ever before. Companies can and should target their customers on an individual level.

Why The Need for Personalized Lead Generation?

Nearly two-thirds of consumers express dissatisfaction with traditional marketing methods. They don’t like getting repetitive and generic messages blasted at them. They especially dislike it when they have nothing to do with their needs or interests. 

On the flip side, customers do express significant receptiveness personalization in marketing efforts. In a survey by Epsilon, four out of five working-age consumers indicated that they would be more likely to do business with a brand that offers it. 90% said that they found personalization appealing in general.

So this idea of personalized lead generation is more than a new strategy that works. it’s something that people actually want. It’s a valuable part of the experience that you can provide with your product.

The Basic Tools Marketers Need

The reason that personalized lead generation and marketing weren’t used in the past is because it was simply impossible. There was no way for a billboard marketer or a TV spot producer to appeal to the individual interests of every single person who might be exposed to the ad.

The internet changed the universe for marketing. The internet itself caters to the individual. People visit the websites they want to visit. Often, they get there by searching for specific terms related to a problem they have.

They don’t have to wait for a company to assault them with intrusive advertising. Those old messages may not have anything to do with what they need, so they can go straight to the source, instead.

Companies can function well in this environment. But just as the internet provided new opportunities, it also requires that you use new tools. Analytics and data management platforms are indispensable. Social media tools also provide powerful information. To tie it all together, you need solid customer relationship management software, or a CRM.

Of course, learning how to use all these tools comes on a bit of a curve. If you’re just getting into business, or you’re expanding, the extra time that it requires to master may be more than you have.

That’s the benefit of using a powerful sales enablement service like Boom Demand. We can help you put a comprehensive personalized lead generation strategy in place and act on it, too. Get the customers you need by serving them with what they want, all the time! Be sure to contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss how we can serve you and get you started as fast as possible!