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Shifting to Digital Marketing Lead Generation

Something big has happened in the world of marketing in 2019. For the first time, spending on digital marketing is now greater than it is for traditional media. That means that all forms of digital marketing lead generation are the new focus of spending. Print ads, TV, billboards, and radio commercials no longer dominate the marketing industry in any meaningful way. It’s like how newspapers appear to be succumbing to digital publication. It seems that digital marketing is taking over everywhere.

The Rise of the Machines

On the one hand, none of us should be surprised about this development. The internet and other digital channels offer greater possibilities for efficiency in marketing.

Why spend millions of dollars on a TV commercial? Sure, it’ll be seen by millions of people. But only a tiny fraction of them will end up buying anything because of it.

In the past, that might have been an effective ad spend.

Now, though, online advertisements cost a tiny fraction to produce compared to a TV spot. They can be designed to display only when somebody searches for specific terms relevant to the ad and the company producing it.

This efficiency and specificity are what’s making digital marketing lead generation so powerful. While there may still be a place for some forms of traditional advertising, we can expect this trend to continue into the future.

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Strategies for Every Business

Even taking into account these marketing trends, it’s not enough to place all your bets on one type of digital marketing. Every business is different. Different marketing platforms will work better for one type of business than another.

Say your company focuses on selling physical products via Amazon. It’s clear that Amazon’s ad platform is where you should direct the majority of your ad budget. In most other cases, Google’s AdSense service yields the best results. Having a presence on Facebook can provide great support. Other platforms exist too, but these are the biggest players.

Text advertising is the simplest to produce. It’s the most likely to engage customers for any purpose. Customers don’t like video ads as much, but that doesn’t mean you should write off video completely.

It’s also important for your company to determine what types of content will work best for your brand.

Content Considerations

Almost every company needs to be generating some type of searchable written content. It helps customers find your products when they’re looking for information using keywords. Both long- and short-form content are useful.

We mentioned that customers don’t engage as much with video ads. Many customers do find video content much more helpful than text, though. It’s gotten easier to create and publish video content. At the same time, it’s gotten easier for customers to access it with mobile devices.

Whatever your brand’s values, you should consider producing video content for your customers. It can deliver thousands of times more information than written content. Your customers are also more likely to remember the important aspects, too.

It may seem like we’ve gone full circle. Video is good, but creating a television ad is almost pointless these days. The difference is that online content is easier to target towards the customers it’s most likely to help.

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