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Personalized Lead Generation Benefits

Marketers the world over know how much their customers hate an irrelevant bombardment. Some still do it anyway because it’s what they’re best at doing, so the highways are still lined with billboards. There does exist a better way, now, though, thanks to the evolving technology of the internet. Personalized lead generation is more real and more effective now than ever before. Companies can and should target their customers on an individual level.

Why The Need for Personalized Lead Generation?

Nearly two-thirds of consumers express dissatisfaction with traditional marketing methods. They don’t like getting repetitive and generic messages blasted at them. They especially dislike it when they have nothing to do with their needs or interests. 

On the flip side, customers do express significant receptiveness personalization in marketing efforts. In a survey by Epsilon, four out of five working-age consumers indicated that they would be more likely to do business with a brand that offers it. 90% said that they found personalization appealing in general.

So this idea of personalized lead generation is more than a new strategy that works. it’s something that people actually want. It’s a valuable part of the experience that you can provide with your product.

The Basic Tools Marketers Need

The reason that personalized lead generation and marketing weren’t used in the past is because it was simply impossible. There was no way for a billboard marketer or a TV spot producer to appeal to the individual interests of every single person who might be exposed to the ad.

The internet changed the universe for marketing. The internet itself caters to the individual. People visit the websites they want to visit. Often, they get there by searching for specific terms related to a problem they have.

They don’t have to wait for a company to assault them with intrusive advertising. Those old messages may not have anything to do with what they need, so they can go straight to the source, instead.

Companies can function well in this environment. But just as the internet provided new opportunities, it also requires that you use new tools. Analytics and data management platforms are indispensable. Social media tools also provide powerful information. To tie it all together, you need solid customer relationship management software, or a CRM.

Of course, learning how to use all these tools comes on a bit of a curve. If you’re just getting into business, or you’re expanding, the extra time that it requires to master may be more than you have.

That’s the benefit of using a powerful sales enablement service like Boom Demand. We can help you put a comprehensive personalized lead generation strategy in place and act on it, too. Get the customers you need by serving them with what they want, all the time! Be sure to contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss how we can serve you and get you started as fast as possible!

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