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3 Common Identity Mistakes

Be Somewhere

There may be no more important and yet more easy to forget principle than this. Your customers need to know that you’re real. Even if your business is operating out of your suburban garage, customers want to be sure that you are exactly what you say you are.

A P.O. Box and an 800 number could be anything, and these days, they smell like a scam. Toll-free numbers are no longer status symbols. In fact, they seem downright inauthentic. On your website, provide the physical address where you do your work, and a local phone number. Lastly be sure to setup a free Google My Business account. Yes we live in a world of remote workers but the business itself should have some stake in the ground somewhere. 

Don’t link to Social

It looks cool to have a bunch of social network links on your page, especially if they are new and rising channels. What do consumers think, though, when they click through to your Instagram account and see that you haven’t posted anything since 2011, and that was just an older version of your logo?

They’ll be disappointed, that’s what. And that’s a terrible first impression to make. If your website links to any social media profiles, make sure that you’re using them to provide regular updates and interaction. Don’t feel pressure to use ALL social media. Does anyone really want to follow a Doctor’s office Instagram account? 

Web Evolution

In this day and age of Squarespace, Wix, and Shoppify there is really no excuse for having a dated website. All too often we are laser focused on growth via SDR but we fail to realize that our (virtual) storefront looks like something from the 90’s. Updating your website can me a minimal expense with maximum ROI. 


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