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The Next Big Thing in the Future of Lead Generation

We talk a lot about lead generation here at Boom Demand. It’s the core of our business, so that makes sense. We may not be talking enough about where lead generation is going in the next few years, though. There are big changes on the horizon. They’re going to impact more than marketing and outsourcing companies like ourselves. What does the future of lead generation hold, and how will it make us all better off?

Lead Generation is Everything, and Everything is Lead Generation

Do you know what Uber is? That may seem like a condescending question, but think about your answer. We know that you’ve already heard about and used the world-famous ridesharing app. It represents one of the biggest changes in business and transportation history.

But we ask again, what is it? Is it a better taxi service? Nope.

It’s a lead generation platform.

This may come as a surprise at first. We don’t usually think of lead generation in the context of services like what Uber drivers provide. And yet, that is exactly what it is.

Uber gives service providers (drivers) leads. Those leads are people willing to buy their service at the right time and place (riders). It’s very different from trying to hail a taxi. It’s a targeted lead generation service. The market knows what people want, and it knows who can provide it. Drivers want riders and vice versa. The app knows where the closest and best ones are, so it provides the bridge.

This is important because it’s turning into the way our entire economy operates. It’s not only Uber, and similar apps like AirBNB, DoorDash, Science Exchange, Recharge, and many, many others. It’s the proliferation of the “gig economy” where most workers are now freelancers. The future of lead generation is relevant to everybody.

The Future of Lead Generation is Freedom

Many commentators bemoan the rise of the gig economy. They complain that it makes it harder to earn a living. In many ways, their arguments have merit. You could say that successful freelancing takes a certain kind of determination. It’s quite different from holding down a lifelong factory job.

The flip side of that is the freedom to move where the market moves. Workers’ fortunes are no longer so tied to the ups and downs of a single country or industry. With powerful lead generation solutions, they can find the right clients, faster. Likewise, clients can find better services faster, too.

The future of lead generation is its central role in the economy. It’s like the bioelectrical impulse that keeps a heart pumping thousands of times a day for decades. Every act of lead generation is a contribution to the prosperity of the entire world. And that’s why we’re so proud to do what we do.

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