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3 Ways to Get Better Lead Generation Data

Every growing business is in a constant fight for new customers. You’re competing with other service providers. You have to keep existing customers happy. It’s not easy. If you stop moving forward, you don’t stay put; you start to slide back down. You need a constant stream of new life to keep the business moving. Getting better lead generation data is key to that effort. The age-old question, though, is how?

1: Organic Lead Generation

It’s no secret that the absolute best source of leads is always an organic one. What does that mean? It means that customers come to you because they know they need what you have. They might not know they’re looking for your specific company. But they’re searching online or in-person for the type of products you sell.

Helping them find you is essential. That means having a good website design, with lots of useful content. It means putting out ads and networking. It means making it as easy as possible for them to find and contact you. Whatever other tactics you’ve been using to get new leads, this one should be your top priority. No prospects are more likely to become customers than the ones who come to you as organic leads.

2: Scraping Better Lead Generation Data From Public Sources

Of course, you cannot only wait for organic leads to show up. You have to be proactive, which means putting your brand out there with some cold outreach. But outreach to who? Well, there’s a lot of loose data out there; lots of contact information waiting for a call or an email.

How do you know who to call, though? Say you crack open an antique phone book and start at the beginning. You’re going to spend an absurd amount of time talking to voicemails and people who will never, ever buy your stuff. Not worth it.

No, what you need to do to get better lead generation data is search smarter. You can use your competitors’ own platforms to find your own leads. Find people who are interacting with them on social media or online forums, and reach out. If you can address their complaints, concerns, and unmet needs, you can win them as clients.

3: Results Analytics

Once you have better lead generation data in the first place, is the work all done? No. You can keep improving and tightening your focus.

Keep careful records of all your data sources; how, where, and when you got them. The leads that become prospects and then turn into customers are a gold mine in more ways than one. Analyze that success. Discover what’s been working best for you, and iterate on it!

Always leave some room to experiment and try to find even better ways of doing business. But don’t leave your best niches without serious attention.

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