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Sales Outsourcing With Two Great Nearshore Offices

  • Sales outsourcing is good for both clients and workers
  • Boom Demand sales happen at two nearshore offices in Mexico
  • Our office in Puerto Vallarta attracts international talent
  • Our new presence in Guadalajara is surrounded by tech knowledge
  • We offer great career and business partnership opportunities

What’s the best thing about sales outsourcing? Is it the low cost of building up a client base? Perhaps to some. For the sales development representatives and support staff who work in it, it’s got to be the opportunities it provides.

We get the chance to develop our talents and build our resumes with professional experience in a dynamic field. We also get to do it while living in some truly amazing places.

Sales Outsourcing With Boom Demand

A core part of Boom Demand’s sales outsourcing strategy is the old real estate rule: “location, location, location.”

When our parent company Boomsourcing started out as Teleserve, they opened up a nearshore contact center in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is a gorgeous and cosmopolitan metropolis just a couple of hours outside of Mexico City. They were able to find many talented and educated professionals to work with them there. As they kept growing, though, a change of scenery was in order.

Enter Puerto Vallarta

You see, Puebla is a really nice place, but it didn’t have the kind of international draw that would later prove crucial to our success.

As they started to diversify the services we provide to include more than our core of outbound agents and inbound verifiers, they also needed to find more people with more diverse backgrounds.

By moving the contact center across the country to Puerto Vallarta, they planted themselves in a major international tourist hub. They started to draw in talent from all around the world.

That’s when it became possible to start offing sales outsourcing. Boom Demand was born.

Because of that, we now have a rapidly growing team of sales development representatives. We come from Mexico, the USA, Canada, the UK, and several other countries. It seems kind of funny to work in an English-speaking office in Mexico, but nearly all of us are also bilingual to varying degrees.

The contact center itself is in a great spot.

Puerto Vallarta as a whole offers a stunning array of fun activities to enjoy. These range from the vibrant nightlife and art scenes in its historic downtown to the fantastic restaurants throughout the city. The gorgeous beaches and captivating jungles that surround the whole region are breathtakingly beautiful. You should come and visit!

The Centrocity Office

Our current office is located in the Centrocity Aramara commercial plaza in the city’s Las Moras neighborhood. We enjoy excellent food and entertainment options for neighbors. The plaza provides convenient public transit access to all of the city’s major attractions and residential areas. Our workplace is within easy walking distance of major shopping centers. The Hotel Zone and its publicly accessible beaches are nearby. There’s also a greenbelt along the Pitillal River, and a variety of local shops and restaurants.

We keep growing, though. This office is already our second home in the city. We still have some breathing room where we are, but it had rapidly become necessary for us to start cultivating additional options for our expansion.

Growing to Guadalajara

As we considered our clients’ sales outsourcing needs, we discovered that not everything had to be in one spot. Puerto Vallarta is a great city for attracting an international workforce. We also saw the need to deepen our strength with Mexican talent, though.

For that, we decided to look for a place like our original home in Puebla. It just couldn’t be too far from our main nearshore facility in Puerto Vallarta.

Guadalajara was the logical choice.

As a cultural and educational hub of Mexico, Guadalajara provides much of the same benefits we enjoyed in Puebla. It has a larger and more tech-centered labor pool to draw from, though.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in the country and it is ranked as the eighth best city to visit in Mexico and South America. Known as the land of tequila and mariachi, it is rich in history and traditions; it is also known as the Mexican Silicon Valley.

Guadalajara itself provides endless shopping and dining options in and surrounding its historic center. There’s entertainment to enjoy, and museums, monuments, and educational institutions to learn from. Transport connections to the rest of Mexico are highly convenient.

The Zapopan Office

Our Guadalajara-area contact center is in the La Estancia residential neighborhood of the adjacent city of Zapopan. Like our location in Puerto Vallarta, this puts our workplace within easy walking distance of Galerías Guadalajara and several other big shopping centers. A variety of local shops, restaurants, and nearby parks surround us. It’s easy for us to find a spot where we can relax and enjoy the city’s pleasant weather. It’s also just a few kilometers from Chivas Stadium!

All in all, Boom Demand’s sales outsourcing efforts are greatly enhanced by establishing these kinds of workplaces in such excellent locations.

Sales Outsourcing: Limitless Opportunities for Growth

These two amazing nearshore sales development offices in Mexico give our company the power to provide our clients with amazing benefits.

Our offices do more than just draw in amazing sales talent from around the world. They let us provide each employee with excellent benefits and compensation compared to the local markets. Because of the locations, those benefits come at a fraction of the cost our clients would pay to do everything in-house or otherwise onshore.

Working in these cities thus makes it possible for us to do a lot of good for a lot of people.

For us, being able to work in this company and this industry has been a life-changing opportunity. Boom Demand helps us refine our natural talents and build our careers. Meanwhile, we enjoy our lives with our families and friends in beautiful places!

If you think you’d like to join our teams and live as we do, explore our Careers page. If you’re building your business, and need the help of a happy and dedicated team that will help you find a lot of new customers, get in touch with us today! We make it happen!

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