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Sales Development Strategy Points

  • The beginning of sales development strategy is niche expertise.
  • Good sales development builds your brand all along the way.
  • Phones are critical, but social media activity generates warm leads.
  • Powerful tools improve the overall efficiency of the sales cycle.
  • Boom Demand makes it simple to scale new customer growth!

No company operating in the modern B2B space is likely to be successful without a comprehensive sales development strategy. The nature of sales tactics has changed dramatically during the past decade. Simply making a hundred prospect calls per day isn’t going to cut it anymore. Customers are harder to reach and have more options than ever before. That makes the way you reach out to them the first and perhaps most important way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Authority Figures?

One of the first things that every potential customer looks for is expertise. They want to be sure that they can trust the information you provide. They want to feel confident that you understand their industry and their particular business. They’re not going to want to hand over their money to you if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Of course, if your company is new to the industry in question, it can be tricky to establish your credentials. They say first impressions are the most important. When you get somebody on the line, you only have a few seconds to establish your authority with them. So how do you do that if your customers have been in business longer than you have?

Having authority is really a highly subjective issue. It has a whole lot more to do with what the person you’re speaking with perceives rather than what you actually know. And one of the most important aspects of being a leader is humility. You have to recognize what you simply don’t know. But this doesn’t mean that you have to lack confidence regarding what you do know. That confidence is what most often comes across as having authority in the eyes of others.

Experts in Your Niche

An individual SDR might not technically be as much of an expert on a particular product or service as, say, your own company’s Chief Product Officer. A skilled SDR can, however, convey just as much natural authority when speaking with a prospect. This is true as long as they know what they need to know and can explain it with confidence.

That’s why Boom Demand SDRs are always experts in the niches that our client companies serve. They receive constant training and feedback from our top sales experts. We provide them with access to all the materials they need to understand our clients’ products and services. That enables them to help prospects understand them as well.

High-Power Demand Generation

This expertise translates to more than just successful sales calls. By using multiple methods of engagement, a good sales development strategy will have effects that go far beyond closing deals on new contracts.

Through using their time effectively,  SDRs can actually drive the conversation that surrounds your brand. When establishing themselves as experts, they also establish your brand as a source of expertise. This means that people will start to keep your brand top-of-mind even if they don’t purchase immediately. They’ll turn to your representatives and your content when they have questions about how they can work better.

Not only do SDRs find prospects that are already qualified, but they also help qualified prospects find you. Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are incredibly powerful tools. A particular prospect may not be qualified for your services at the time we contact them, but they probably know somebody else who is.

The Mechanics of Sales Development Strategy

While we’ve pointed out multiple times that the sales process is not just about phone calls anymore, having personal conversations with prospects is still one of the critical pillars that support the sales funnel. Each representative strives to have a meaningful conversation with as many prospects as possible, each day.

What makes that happen, though, is not that anybody’s dialing hundreds of random numbers for hours and hours on end. Meaningful conversations can start anywhere, but they’re most likely to happen when a relationship already exists before the first digit is dialed.

This is why social media outreach is so important to an effective sales development strategy. By actively participating in LinkedIn and other social media networks, every sales representative can establish themselves as a personal authority in the relevant B2B niches before anyone ever hears their voice. Not only can they establish expertise, but they can also help spread your brand and its benefits across the internet.

Highly Efficient Sales Enablement

No part of an effective sales development strategy happens in a vacuum. Having a system of organization is key. For maximum success, a lot of moving parts have to work in a coordinated fashion.

One way we do this is by following an optimized cadence of contact points over the course of 19 days for each prospect. Boom Demand SDRs also use modern tools like Salesloft to simplify and organize every activity that they carry out. Everything from individual phone calls, social media outreach messages and posts, and customized emails follow an adaptable but firm schedule.

This ensures that every potential prospect receives the full measure of attention they deserve. No lead gets left out, and we provide everyone with the maximum opportunity for a fruitful business relationship.

Leveraging the Sales Development Strategy of Boom Demand

Implementing a sales development strategy is about making sure that you can use your own resources in the most efficient way possible. We take the time to carry out cold outreach and warm up other leads so that you don’t have to. You can focus your energies on building relationships with people who are already interested and what you provide.

It’s one more way to ensure that your organization is truly able to become the best player in its niche.

Contact Boom Demand today to start making it happen!

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