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Boom Demand SDR Life: What’s it Like?

A Day in the Life of a Boom Demand SDR

  • Being a Boom Demand SDR has some unique benefits
  • The fundamentals of the job are similar everywhere
  • The contact cadence we follow sets us apart from the rest, though
  • We also provide a unique work location that draws the best talent
  • Boom Demand SDRs provide businesses with a powerful way to scale!
  You might wonder what it’s like to be a Boom Demand SDR. Sales development representatives everywhere have different opinions about their jobs, and what they enjoy about them. Boom Demand is a special place to work, different from all the rest. There’s no other company quite like us in the whole tech and business process outsourcing sector.

SDR Work Fundamentals

First, it’s important to understand the basic principles behind SDR work. An SDR is a specialized sales representative who focuses on finding interested leads and scheduling appointments for account executives to close deals with them. Any company that uses SDRs has split its sales team and sales process into two specialized parts. That means they can dramatically increase the efficiency of the process. It also allows each sales agent to focus on the things that they’re best at. This doesn’t mean that anybody is ever stuck in a dead-end career. On the contrary, the most effective SDRs will receive promotions as they improve and exceed their goals, and in turn, they become some of the very best account executives. This is something that happens often at Boom Demand.

The Cadence

One of Boom Demand’s unique strengths is the cadence that each of our SDRs follows as we go about doing the work of making sales appointments. Each Boom Demand SDR follows a specific sequence of 19 touch points across 18 working days every time they reach out to a potential prospect. This sequence, or cadence, focuses on three methods of contact: cold calls, cold emails, and LinkedIn connections. A Boom Demand SDR won’t use every method every day, and in fact, on some days there are no contact points at all. Those days give us the space that we need to reach out to other contacts, and always keep the sales funnel full. The cadence itself makes it easier for us to do our work more effectively. One especially helpful aspect of how we do our work is that we now use Salesloft to organize our efforts. Salesloft offers us the luxury of having everything in one place. We can even send our emails directly from its platform. When we get to the office in the morning, we clock in and immediately see which steps on our cadence are due, and then do those steps. It’s incredibly simple and streamlined.

The Office

Now, one thing that makes working as an SDR at Boom Demand extra special is where we’re located. Boom Demand provides SDR services to U.S. clients from our nearshore office in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Supervision and training come from our headquarters office in Lehi, Utah. Additional support comes from other agents in Puerto Vallarta, as well as from our large call centers in the Philippines. All of this means lower costs for our clients! Having our offices in Puerto Vallarta, which is a major international tourist destination, allows us to recruit some of the best sales professionals from around the world. Not only is this city a hub of skilled sales activity, but it’s also a tropical paradise that’s fun to live and play in. Our offices are a 10-minute walk from the beach. Excellent food options surround us. There are all kinds of fun activities to find in this old but modern jewel on the Pacific. We get a lot of tourists here, but the city itself is an ideal place. It’s not too crowded, but it has enough people and attractions to keep things interesting. There’s always something new to discover around every corner!

Becoming a Boom Demand SDR

Boom Demand SDR work does have to do with sales. That said, it doesn’t involve so much of the pressure that comes from closing deals all the time. It’s more a question of discovering who has an interest in what our clients are offering the world. We then help connect them with each other as effectively as possible. If you want the opportunity to work in a rewarding job in a beautiful location, consider applying to become a Boom Demand SDR today! If you’re looking to scale your business and want to get some truly dedicated professionals on your team, reach out to us and we’ll get you started!

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