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Email Responses Best Strategy: Positivity

What Gets More Email Responses?

  • Many sales professionals resort to using fear to get email responses
  • Positivity is proven to be a better motivator than negative wording
  • Boom Demand SDRs help prospects to see the bright side of a deal
Anyone in sales who regularly sends out cold emails can attest to the sheer volume it takes to find someone who’s interested. If you send out hundreds of messages each day, you have to consider that so do all of your competitors. Your leads’ inboxes are filled with competing messages vying for a few seconds of available attention. Getting email responses is therefore no easy task, so every strategy that sales teams can implement helps enormously. What are some of the best tactics to consider when writing you emails in the first place?

The Dark Side?

During the history of the profession, a lot of salespeople have turned to using fear to make a sale. This is highly understandable because fear motivates people. No one is comfortable with the idea of losing everything that they’ve worked so hard to build. This is even true in business. At the end of the day,  businesses exist for the sake of earning money that we need to survive. We all need food, shelter, love, and many specific things that money helps us to secure. The fear of losing money, and thus losing our ability to cover our needs, is powerful. Some salespeople exploit those fears and focus on them to make prospects see why it would be dangerous not to buy their solution. The problem is that it’s been done so often now, that it’s almost a cliché. People everywhere are so sick of negativity that their brains actually become less active when they encounter it. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Ditch Fear. Embrace Optimism. Get More Email Responses.

In fact, the best and perhaps the easiest way to distinguish yourself in the minds of the people you’re trying to reach is to actively make their day better. Rather than forcing them to dwell on all of their worst problems, and how much worse they could get, be optimistic. Gear your cold email proposals towards warmly looking to a future of better performance. Acknowledge that maybe, right now they are already doing quite well. But the possibilities for improvement are endless, no matter how good you are right now. The reason for this is that positivity is simply more attractive, and even more motivating, than negativity. Many companies have learned that they get better email responses when couching all of their messaging in positive language with an uplifting tone:
“We recently ran an A/B test comparing positive and negative language in an email campaign for our post on using autoresponders to onboard new employees.   “The aim of the email was to get people to click-through and read the post, and in Version A we utilized negative language to emphasize the not-so-great realities of starting a new position.   “[We] specifically chose language like ‘difficult’, ‘don’t know many people’, and ‘not familiar’ to create a strong sense of negativity in the email and deactivate the reader’s brain activity.   “In Version B of the email however, we deliberately chose positive words like ‘exciting’, ‘new, intelligent people’, and ‘learn a whole set of new tools’ to give the email a much more positive feel.   “The results? The email copy filled with positivity had a 22% higher click-through rate than the negative version.   “Like the research suggested, the negative copy in Version A caused people to switch off, become disengaged with the copy of the email and not click-through to read the full story.   “However the positive copy in Version B had the opposite effect. People remained engaged with the copy, increasing their motivation to read the full story and therefore making them more likely to click-through.” —

Boom Demand Keeps it Upbeat

Boom Demand sales development agents use positive language in their pitches. This helps our clients’ prospects to visualize the great possibilities that come from working with them. To get Boom Demand SDRs working for you and making a positive difference in your sales, contact us today!

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