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Software Sales Team Help: Finding Great Reps

How to Find Great Representatives to Give Your Software Sales Team a Boost

  • Software sales effectiveness requires adaptation to changing market conditions
  • SDR teams need to be able to scale up and down without hurting reps’ careers
  • The best SDRs will have some experience and training before joining your team
How do you make sure that your software sales team works effectively? It’s about a lot more than just picking up the phone and cold-calling a list. We live in one of the great ages of innovation. Societies and economies are constantly shifting, and we have to be able to keep up. The field of software and tech, in general, is at the epicenter of this commotion. So what does it take to get ahead?

Fast Pivot Ability

The first key to success in the modern world is that you have to be able to move fast. Not just to jump onto the latest opportunity, but to do so when you’re already working on something else. You have to be able to see the opportunities and evaluate them first of all, of course. Once there, though, you can’t afford to waste time. Discovering that the market may not like what you’re working on as much as you thought, and sticking to it anyway, is a recipe for disaster. You have to be free to change your stance and move in a new direction. Your sales representatives should be just as nimble. They should be open to constant training and coaching, constantly learning, even as they keep working hard. They should be accustomed to moving between different products and campaigns. Reps can certainly develop their own style and proven workflows, but if they can’t adapt them to new conditions, the game’s already over.

Flexible Scalability

Another key to success is the ability to manage resources. Using the right amount of time and money to invest in a new software suite are critical. This applies to each step of the design, development, marketing, and sales processes. If you suddenly discover that demand for your service has gone through the roof, or was higher than initial research indicated, how do you deal with it? How fast can you bring more sales staff on board to find the qualified prospects who are looking for a solution like yours? By the same token, if demand tapers off, or something else isn’t working right, how do you scale back? Your company values are at stake here. Does your corporate culture allow for handing out pink slips by the thousands? Or would you rather find a way to cut costs that won’t damage the lives of your trusted team members? What if you could be sure that a downturn would not put your sales representatives completely out of a job? What if instead, it only meant a temporary shift in focus?

New Solutions to Old Problems

These concepts of speed and flexibility are exactly the reason that so many companies have implemented the Sales Development role in recent years. SDRs focus more on the process than the product. They’re all about starting relationships, and the rules for that are the same regardless of what you’re selling. That makes it easy for them to start the sales cycle in any company in any industry sector. The issue of scalability has always been a tough challenge for many organizations, though. In economic downturns, we’ve gotten used to hearing about companies laying off thousands of workers, but it still damages their brand when it happens. That may not change yet next time. We’re finding ways to work smarter than simply putting people out on the streets when the wind blows in a different direction, though.

Looking for Experience

Boom Demand solves these problems for your software sales team by offering a highly adaptive approach to SDR team building. First, we save sales managers the headache of heading up two separate teams with different objectives and managerial needs. Instead of splitting your in-house team between Sales Development and account executives, we enable you to outsource your SDR needs. We take care of every aspect of hiring, training, and managing a team of SDRs on your behalf, at a far lower cost than you’d see doing everything in-house. We help reps gain experience in our own internal campaigns before they join your team. Once there, they integrate as closely as you need them to with the most effective collaborative technology. Best of all, as your needs change, you can expand or contract your SDR team without worrying about their needs. We’ve got them covered, and they adapt to their new campaign responsibilities just as fast as they do to your requirements. Contact Boom Demand today for the best possible version of your software sales team!  

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