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Boom Demand Cadence Strategy Tips

What is the Boom Demand B2B Cadence?

  • Boom Demand uses a defined sequence of contact points to reach prospects.
  • Our cadence promotes a strong workflow that helps SDRs achieve their goals.
  • We use phones, email, and social media, so prospects meet us on their terms.
  • The Boom Demand Cadence is a tool that can work for your organization, too!

Fast and Focused

Boom Demand uses a proven sales cadence that brings us success over and over again. When our sales development representatives begin reaching out to a new cold prospect, they already have a robust plan in place before they even start. Every approach to these leads happens on the basis of a specific sequence of actions that we carry out with careful timing. One of the principal advantages of the Boom Demand cadence is that it involves no more than 19 individual contact points, spread across 18 business days. Many companies push for a considerably higher number of contact tries. What we learned a long time ago is that the law of diminishing returns is a powerfully counterproductive force. Spending too much more effort on a lead that’s just not responding isn’t usually worth it, so we focus hard on a lead for a few weeks. If they don’t qualify themselves, it’s time to move on to more interested prospects.

Persistent but Balanced

Another great feature of our sales cadence is that while it’s fast and focused, it’s not overbearing. We space out the 19 contact points and focus them on certain days. A given prospect will hear from our representatives 19 times in 18 days, but not every single day. During the first three days, we send multiple types of messages one way or another each day, but then take a rest until day six. We reach out again a couple of days later, then the very next day, then every second or third day until the last. The sequence seems random, but it’s actually a highly effective plan. There are at least three reasons why this kind of sequence is important for creating an effective cadence. One of them is that this kind of spaced repetition is considerably more effective at keeping brands and new ideas top-of-mind than a simpler daily pattern. By giving our prospects’ brains different lengths of time to let things settle in between contact points, it helps them better remember our message in the context of their specific pain points. It helps them make more effective connections between those problems and the ways we can solve them. Another reason for this specific cadence is that calling and messaging the same prospect every single day seems both pushy and robotic. Constantly filling up their inboxes doesn’t win friends; it’s just annoying and feels insincere. Additionally, the spaces or “off days” for one prospect are opportunities to focus efforts on other prospects. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to ensure that each Boom Demand SDR is always working dynamically. It prevents the stagnation of dull routines and keeps the work interesting. It requires coordination, planning, and careful recordkeeping, all of which lead to stronger outcomes.

Effective Outreach

Besides these strategic considerations, what makes the Boom Demand Cadence powerful is that it relies on three of the most effective modern communications tools. Our specific cadence starts with a phone call. If that call goes to voicemail, we send out an email. The next day, we connect via LinkedIn or other social media as needed, and follow up on day 3 with another email and another call. We pick the sequence up again on days six and nine with all three contact types. The rest of the cadence calls for two of the three methods on each subsequent contacting day. We’ve learned that for B2B sales, there’s nothing more effective than these three kinds of communications media. The combination of phone, email, and social media ensures that we’re likely to reach our prospect in the way that they most prefer to communicate and interact. That makes it easier for us to engage with them and help them see for themselves the value of our solutions.

Putting the Boom Demand Cadence to Work for Your Organization

Of course, the cadence is a means to an end. Whenever and however the prospect answers our outreach, we immediately break the sequence to focus on them. Their context, their needs, and their goals all help determine how we tailor our solutions. We do our homework ahead of time, too. If we were to start the cadence without doing some research and having a good idea of how to approach each prospect on a personalized basis, it wouldn’t matter much what else we try. That’s the secret sauce of sales, of course: we always remember that it’s not about us; it’s about YOU! This particular cadence is what works best for us. Other companies have different strategies, and it’s mostly a matter of trial-and-error. If you want to boost the effectiveness of your sales team, you could try developing your own cadence, but it will take time to see what works. Another possibility is to let Boom Demand do it for you! We’ve already done the hard part, and with our professional SDR team, we keep doing it. With our SDRs integrated into your in-house sales team, you can enjoy an increase in warmed-up leads, and higher conversion rates, at a far lower cost than splitting your team for the same goals. Contact us today to learn more, and put the Boom Demand Cadence on your side!  

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