Outsourced SDR Teams Streamline Sales Innovation

Why You’re Better Off Hiring an Outsourced SDR Team

Companies looking to scale operations often turn to the specializing trend in sales; that is, they build an SDR team. SDRs, or sales development representatives, focus on the top of the sales funnel, cultivating leads that they refer to account executives down the line for relationship-building and deal closing. This allows sales teams to achieve more sales, more efficiently. Some companies do this all in-house, but others have discovered the advantages of using outsourced SDR teams. Let’s take a look at why outsourcing this sales role could help your company more than keeping it in the family.

Economic Advantages

Outsourcing exists in the first place because it’s less expensive for some organizations  and people to do certain business activities than others. So, in the simple search for better profit margins, companies seek to cut costs by hiring those for whom it costs less to do the jobs they want done. There are many ways this can happen. One is by simple innovation. One company finds a better, faster way to do a job, so they can lower their prices and win more clients. Another company bases its operations in a state or country where the costs of living and doing business are lower, with the same result. Some combination of these economic conditions provides a way to save money while getting the same job done. Outsourced SDR teams are no different. They exist because they can do the same work as an in-house team, at the same level of quality, but for less money. Whether they’re onshore, nearshore, or offshore compared to your organization, they have all the communications technology they need to be able to work with your existing sales team. At least, that’s how we do it with our nearshore SDR teams. Boom Demand SDRs integrate seamlessly into our clients’ sales organizations, as if they were working out of the building next door to you. Meetings happen online with video chats, and collaborative shared documents keep everyone literally on the same page.

Focused Expertise

Another way that outsourced SDR teams are better than in-house is that they are highly specialized. Rather than splitting your internal sales organization into two teams with distinct management needs, you keep your focus on closing deals, and the SDRs elsewhere focus on bringing you warm prospects. SDRs require a slightly different set of skills and talents to be successful versus traditional sales professionals. There’s certainly some overlap, as almost all salespeople know how to do cold calling, email prospecting, and social media outreach. But SDRs focus exclusively on those tasks, rather than the longer process of dealmaking. This calls for a different management style, different pay and incentive structures, and a different approach from Human Resources. In other words, doing this in-house has the potential to put more strain on your organization than you might anticipate. By contrast, outsourcing this function lets you leave those burdens in the hands of another company, one that’s far more experienced and accustomed to dealing with them. Think of this, again, in terms of the economic law of Comparative Advantage. To use an agricultural example, the USA could grow a lot more coffee plants if it wanted to. Farmers would have to build lots of expensive greenhouses to replicate the right climate conditions. Or, the country could just buy most of its coffee from Brazil, where the conditions are naturally ideal. Saudi Arabia could try to grow wheat for itself by desalinating ocean water and pumping it into the desert. But why bother with all that when it’s less expensive and faster to ship it from the USA?

Outsourced SDR Teams Can Pivot Faster

Companies that specialize in SDR work have much more freedom to experiment on your behalf. They can test out different messaging and strategies for you at a far lower opportunity cost than you’d experience in-house. You can think of an outsourced SDR team as a sales laboratory. The advantages of an outsourced SDR team make it easier for them to shift in response to market conditions. If you need to scale up operations, they already have the personnel in place for you. Likewise, having to scale down hurts an outsourcing partner a lot less than it does to your own staff. They can quickly re-position their SDRs onto other clients’ campaigns. They can also bolster their internal marketing efforts when you need fewer personnel working for you. Consider using Boom Demand’s professional nearshore SDRs to boost your sales volume! Contact us today to experience the specific benefits your business will enjoy from working with us!  

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