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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Social Media is everywhere, and for marketing, it’s almost everything. So many people use these modern communication systems that any company that doesn’t actively engage their customers through them might as well close up shop. Time is money, too, so it’s important to know how best to direct your posting efforts. Each platform has particular strengths that cater to one type of business or another. Here’s how they match up:

B2B: LinkedIn

All social media platforms are networks, but LinkedIn is the platform that is most specifically designed for business networking. There is no easier way to find the best person at a prospective client company to contact regarding your solution. LinkedIn is especially powerful for SaaS companies offering an entirely non-physical service, where the right contacts are key. Example companies that are right at home on LinkedIn include Domo, Salesforce, and most other major international corporations that you want for clients.

Retail and E-commerce: Instagram

Instagram was originally designed as a way to share beautiful photography. That makes it especially well-suited to marketing where appearance is key. The platform makes it incredibly easy to show off your retail products in the best light and from all angles, and interact directly with your customers. You can get instant feedback on your designs. Both well-known retail brands like Adidas and smaller sellers like FoxyRedsDesigns can derive the same benefits from the ability to show off their products with photos and videos on Instagram.

B2C Services: Facebook

As the reigning king of all Social Media platforms, with over two billion registered users, it pays for almost any company to have at least a minimal presence on Facebook. That said, this platform lends itself to more local and family-oriented engagement. It may even soon beat Google at its own game:
“Nearly half of consumers are already using social networks, like Facebook, to discover local businesses through brand pages, the Places feature or recommendations.” (Forbes)
Local construction, repair and handyman-type services that work in a limited geographical area can use this structure to great effect. As well, small regional chains and Mom-and-Pop stores do great with Facebook. It’s great for spreading word-of-mouth reviews, and when people ask for local recommendations, these small businesses really shine. Each of these platforms can be useful one way or another for almost any business. To get the maximum benefits from them, consider the expert help we can provide at Boom Demand. Contact us today so we can drive your online presence with a BOOM!

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