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The Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

The Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, by far, the most powerful social media platform for professionals. For job seekers, there is no substitute for its network of connections. It’s also a great marketing tool. That’s especially so if one of its leading influencers shares a post. Here are the top five specific reasons why you should be using it as a part of your demand generation efforts:

5: Product Launches

When you want customers and prospects to quickly become aware of a newly-designed and released product, you want as many of them as possible to know about it, as fast as possible. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective platform to stand on than this one. 91% of marketers regard it as their most-preferred social media platform, according to 2017 data from Regalix.

4: Lead Generation

The platform’s own internal research stats indicate that 80% of B2B leads are generated there, and that 79% of marketers find it effective as a source for them. Not only that, but a few years ago, HubSpot discovered that this platform was at least 277% more effective at lead generation than any other platform, with a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.74%.

3: Google Visibility

Creating and sharing useful content on any platform will boost a company’s rankings on Google search result pages, but this platform also comes with the added bonus of professionalism. Nothing says “trustworthy” like a solid LinkedIn profile at the top of a Google SRP.

2: Influential Content

The Content Marketing Institute revealed this year that 97% of marketers use this platform for content distribution. That’s a full ten percent more than use Twitter or Facebook for the same purpose. Other platforms aren’t even close. A company will easily become considered a trusted source of expertise in their field with an effective content strategy.

1: Good Old-Fashioned Networking

This platform is the best way for like-minded professionals to reach out to each other on a personal level for business matters. It easily connects buyers with sellers. It provides an incredibly streamlined format for companies to demonstrate clear solutions to their customers’ problems. One of the ways we help our Boom Demand clients is by generating and optimizing their LinkedIn content and profiles. We convey your message here, there, and everywhere in the best possible way: with a BOOM!

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