Sales Development Representatives

In 2015, Stephen J. Meyer wrote, “In the past 10 years, technology companies in particular have led a transformation of the traditional sales process, creating a new function and a new paradigm for generating and qualifying leads.” (“The Biggest Trend In Sales Today: This Thing Called Sales Development,”

Sales Development Representatives, or SDRs, are those who live this new paradigm. Working at the front end of the sales process, they will reach out to newfound leads to get them interested in a company’s products and services. They move leads into the sales pipeline, and set appointments for an initial call or demonstration. They pass qualified leads to an account executive, who discusses it in-depth and closes the deal.

Outsourced SDR teams

SDRs can reduce a company’s overhead. They reduce the need for other types of paid advertising campaigns by focusing on direct contact with the target market. Training them takes time, though, and we save you that time and a lot of money. Our SDR teams are already in place and experienced. You only need to provide product-specific information, and we do the rest.

Specialists in both inbound and outbound sales

Our SDRs are experts in their particular niche: your company’s products and services. They can market these while nurturing leads through the sales funnel. They get qualified people talking about your offerings. They increase customer referrals and website traffic. They do this with old-fashioned cold calling, and with modern social media outreach.

Demand conversion

Our SDRs incorporate optimized practices that cut operational inefficiencies. They take their prospected leads through a comprehensive qualification process. This increases the rate of successful conversions. Their knowledge, skill set, and innovative use of resources makes them more capable of delivering solid leads. Account executives can then devote their full attention to closing the deal, rather than prospecting.


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