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Top 5 Lead Generation Methods for Business Growth

When they need to boost sales fast, it’s common for companies to buy a list of leads they can contact. This is a quick fix, and it can be inexpensive, but there are risks. Calling on irrelevant and outdated leads can hurt your brand’s reputation. It’s much more effective and powerful to focus on leads that you know are accurate and interested. These five lead generation methods can help you accomplish that.

1. Opt-in Email Marketing

Email is the granddaddy of digital lead generation methods. The best way to send sales emails is to invite website visitors to volunteer their email addresses and give you permission to send them information, usually in exchange for a valued piece of content.

Of course, this means that you need to have multiple forms of interesting content and ways to help prospects discover it, but it all comes down to this. People who give you their email addresses are more likely to buy something than people who haven’t.

2. Affiliate Networks

Another powerful digital lead generation strategy is affiliate marketing. Like any strategy, it has both its benefits and its drawbacks, but overall, it sort of kills three birds with one stone.

By joining an affiliate network, you can get your offers in front of more eyes, you can bask in the authority and endorsement the affiliate publisher lends to your brand, and that publisher can earn commissions. What’s not to like?

3. PPC Ad Campaigns

By now, we can almost say that this is one of the good, old-fashioned lead generation methods. There are now adults in the world who have no idea what it was like before the internet had become a part of everyday life.

Simple and unobtrusive but compelling online ads are still an important way for companies to build both brand awareness and overall sales. The big issue now, though, is making sure that your ads are optimized for display on mobile devices!

4. Traditional Networking Events

There’s no place like a trade show! Or a conference in a hotel ballroom, or a fun outdoor get-together where you talk shop.

Attending and organizing these sorts of events in person can be one of the best ways to discover new prospects, or learn more ways for how to find them.

5. Outbound Sales Enablement

Essentially, what we’re talking about here is sales development, including making cold calls.

Sales enablement is about a lot more than just cold-calling, though. Effective SDRs like our teams at Boom Demand spend significant amounts of time connecting and building relationships with prospects over social media networks like LinkedIn.

It’s important to go to where your prospective clients are and where they want to be. That includes wherever you can bump into them, whether on or offline!

Boom Demand helps clients enact and follow up on lead generation methods like these. We provide a smooth transition from finding each lead and bringing them all the way to your sales closers. Give us a call and tell us about your lead gen and sales enablement needs. We can show you how we’ll boost your results both fast and well!

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Sales Cadences Should Include Gratitude

  • Sales Cadences are about more than just finding customers
  • It’s important that every cadence respects the prospect
  • That includes making sure to thank them for their time
  • Showing gratitude can include sending real gifts
  • Boom Demand is grateful for the chance to help our clients grow!

Many companies, while focusing on their sales cadences, tend to be most concerned with playing the numbers game and getting as many contacts as possible in the search for the one that says yes.

Whether or not anyone says yes, do you remember to thank all of them? Every sales call, every email, every message on LinkedIn? Each one of these requires the prospect to spend irreplaceable time paying attention to you, even if just for a few seconds. Are you at least giving them some indication that you appreciate that effort on their part?

Today we want to look at a couple of important ways that you can do so, and if you are already doing it, let’s see how we can all improve.

How Sales Cadences Work

First, let’s review the basics of how sales cadences function.

The key idea is that it’s an organized way of making sure that you do everything possible to reach a potential prospect in the best way for them.

That means making a series of phone calls, sending emails, and reaching out over social media, all in a non-intrusive way.

The sales cadences used by Boom Demand typically involve 19 touch points spread out over 18 days. No more than seven of those are phone calls. We’ll try emailing up to eight times and make four attempts to connect over LinkedIn.

We never attempt to use the same technique more than once per day, and on some days we let the prospect rest and we don’t try to contact them at all. On those days, we focus on other potential customers.

The Value of Gratitude

In our modern culture, we tend to think about gratitude really only once a year. You’re more likely to see a blog post like this one sometime in November.

But the thing is, gratitude is one of the most important attitudes any sales professional can have. In fact, not just sales professionals, but all professionals.

You see, when we’re not grateful for the things that we have, it’s easy to get consumed with negativity when things go wrong.

But when we remember all the things that make our lives good and enjoyable, and how so many of those things came to us even though we feel like maybe we didn’t deserve them,  it somehow makes it a lot easier to get through the difficult spots.

It’s really just a question of priorities. There are two ways of looking at any situation.

On the one hand, we can say, “sure, I have all of these benefits, but what about this problem and that problem, and the other?”

On the other hand, we can look at the situation and say, “it’s true that this moment is difficult, but I remember that I have this blessing, and that gift, and this source of joy, and I’m grateful for them.”

What do you think?  Which perspective do you think is going to generate better results?

Putting Them Together

So, how do we combine specific techniques such as sales cadences with a general attitude of gratitude?

Well, the first and most obvious thing is to make sure that we do express our appreciation for the other person in every point of contact. This can be as simple as saying “thank you for your time” at the end of a phone call,  or writing “thanks” in the signature line of an email.

What about going one better, though?  what about more than simply saying that we’re grateful?  Is there a way to actually show our gratitude as part of the sales process?

There is! Consider the concept of e-gifting.  One company out there that makes e-gifting especially easy is Thnks. They make it very simple to send small but personal gifts via a mobile app that the recipient doesn’t even have to download.

The way Thnks has everything set up is pretty cool. You can send digital gifts like a coupon that gives them a week of free coffee, movie tickets, or a free Uber ride. You can also arrange to send them an actual physical gift.

All they have to do is show a barcode at the place they want to redeem it or input their address for delivery. If they prefer to, they can also reassign the value of that gift to the charity of their choice.

Regardless of the options that you choose using their app, the point is that it’s an easy way to show a little more gratitude than just saying thank you.

Extra Benefits

What’s especially great about this way of expressing gratitude is that it applies to everybody that you interact with.

Not only is it a great way to say thank you to clients who actually close a deal with you, but it’s also a good way to stay top-of-mind with somebody who might be a good partner and takes a lot of time in negotiation, but ends up not signing anything right now.  

You can still tell them thank you for going through the process!  

Doing so may or may not lead to a new deal in the future with them,  but it will almost certainly improve your brand and lead to some referrals.

Saying Thanks with Boom Demand Sales Cadences

Expressing gratitude is an important part of the sales cadences that we use at Boom Demand. We remember that everything that we have as a company depends on the time and effort that our customers and prospects give us. Sure, we’re providing useful services, but that doesn’t mean that we should take it for granted.

Thank you for reading this post! If you’re interested in how our sales development representatives and the cadences they use might be able to help your business grow, go ahead and contact us today! We’ll be happy to show you how it works, and we’ll be quite grateful for your interest.

Old Fashioned Switchboard Operator

Call Center Marketing Strategy Recommendations

  • A good call center marketing strategy can change the way your customers interact with your brand.
  • Call centers are often where customers first meet your brand.
  • Every call agent’s actions and words will, therefore, affect your brand.
  • Good training and internal communications are essential parts of a good marketing plan.
  • Boom Demand helps clients to act on solid plans for effectively using call center resources in a marketing context.

When is a call center not just a call center? Every time anyone uses it, as it turns out. Your company’s call center is more than just a complaint department or sales office. It’s the front line in the struggle to get and keep customers. Having an effective call center marketing strategy is therefore crucial to successful outcomes.

What’s a Call Center For?

Call centers have a reputation from being one of two things. One is that it’s a customer service center that people only call when they have a problem. “The product isn’t working, why? Please fix it.” That sort of thing.

The other is that it’s a sales factory, where salespeople spend all day making cold calls to try and pitch the product. This is the one that usually has the worse reputation, and the greater potential for abuse by either side.

These reputations are often the products of incomplete understanding. Customers don’t usually know what kind of work goes into making a call center successful.

But are the people running the call center helping?

That’s an important question every company needs to ask. Likewise, they need to recognize that the call center is one of the primary ways that customers experience their brand.

If that thought terrifies you, then it’s time for a reevaluation!

Brand Representatives for Every Call

Herein lies the key: whether you mean for them to do it or not, every time a customer speaks to someone associated with your brand, that interaction becomes your brand in that customer’s mind.

That means that every single customer-facing staff member you employ is a Brand Representative.

What else does that imply?

If you want your brand to be strong, you have to make sure that it’s also important to your sales and customer support staff.

That means you need to have a call center marketing strategy in place. If you don’t, your brand may slip out of your control.

If you do have one, though, you’ll soon see what a powerful way it is to boost sales and increase customer retention.

Elements of a Solid Call Center Marketing Strategy

At a minimum, your call center marketing strategy should cover two key things: agent training, and internal communications.

Agent training means that everyone on your call center team, whether in a sales or in a customer service role, should be made as familiar as possible with all of your company’s products or services.

When a customer asks a question about the basic things your company does, it should be unthinkable that an agent would have to say “I don’t know much about that.” Having to look up the solution to a very specific problem is another matter, and quite normal. Having a solid base of product knowledge, though, is a great way for every agent to become a powerful brand representative.

Internal communications, or coordination, means that sales, marketing, and customer service all work together efficiently. These three departments or functions all feed each other.

Sales teams making outbound calls need good leads. The best leads often come from carefully analyzed and curated marketing data. they can also come from the customer service department, when there’s an indication that someone might be interested in another purchase.

The key is to build or use effective CRM systems that help each department gather, analyze and act on customer data fast.

A more sophisticated call center marketing strategy will also involve deeper specialization. You can route incoming calls to exactly the right agent with the right expertise, based on where the customer is coming from and how they got to you.

To get to that point, though, you’ll need to scale up, if you haven’t already.

Call Center Marketing Strategy Building With Boom Demand

Boom Demand provides clients with powerful expertise in the area of outbound sales. We help find more customers, faster, using the most effective sales development techniques.

From our call centers, we go to where the customers are, and we guide them to you.

Contact us today to enjoy a better call center marketing strategy than ever before!

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Contacting Leads Faster and Better

  • After you purchase a contact list to get sales moving, contacting leads faster should be a priority.
  • Ideally, all leads should come from voluntary opt-ins within organic lead generation campaigns.
  • Many businesses don’t have the resources they need to develop such a campaign when they’re first starting or in a tight spot, though.
  • Purchasing a questionable or old list can involve risks to your brand if you’re not careful.
  • Boom Demand bridges the gap and helps you gain more customers.

Many small businesses that manage to survive the initial trial-by-fire that is the startup stage will attribute their survival to purchasing lead lists. Pure inbound marketing would be best, of course, and some will say that buying leads isn’t worth the trouble. But sometimes you just need to prime the pump and hit the ground running. Contacting leads faster is essential to making sure the list is good. If it is, you’ll also want to start building relationships with those prospects as fast as possible.

In a Perfect World…

Of course, getting nothing but free-range organic pesticide-free inbound marketing leads is the ideal. It makes perfect sense to want all of your sales leads to be definitely interested in what you offer. Sounds like sales nirvana!

It also sounds like a fantasy, at least at first.

Even the best inbound marketing campaign isn’t always going to generate only perfect leads, all the time. The real people behind all the email addresses and phone numbers on those lead sheets have a huge variety of motivations for opting in.

Some literally only want to read your free-in-exchange-for-your-email content out of pure curiosity or fun. Those leads have no intention of ever buying. Likewise, your competitors may find your email newsletters to be handy ways of keeping tabs on you.

Long story short, not everyone that an inbound lead generation campaign pulls in will become a prospect, let alone a customer.

Not Everyone Has Time To Scale Up Organically

So, organic lead generation isn’t perfect, but of course, nothing is. In fact, it’s clear that in spite of the few drawbacks it has, organic lead generation is usually better than buying a list.

Why would anyone buy a list at all, then?

Well, for one thing, organic list building takes a combination of a lot of time and a lot of effort. If not one, then certainly the other.

Not every business has both of those luxuries on hand, and some have neither.

Small startups are under a lot of pressure to start generating positive revenue, and they don’t often have many staffers yet. Proactively building and sharing the kind of content that draws in organic leads takes a lot more resources than they have.

Outsourcing and offshoring are strong alternative options that open up the possibilities, but there’s still the question of time.

How long do you want to wait to get enough names to call and message to deliver your sales pitch?


There are known risks to buying a list of leads. One of the most common and obvious is that lead lists can be out of date.

Every sales professional knows the experience of reaching out to a lead only to be told that the person in question no longer works at that organization. It happens. With bad lists, though, the stories get almost comically bad, like hearing that the lead left the organization over ten years prior, or worse yet, died ten years ago.

Problems like that are sharply compounded by the fact that most companies that sell lead lists don’t just sell them once. That wouldn’t be a sustainable business model.

Instead, they sell the same lists to as many buyers as they can find.

It’s no wonder prospects are so sick of getting cold calls and overloaded inboxes! The competition to reach a prospect from a basic lead list is fierce, and it favors the early birds.

Companies that call on leads from an old list that has been on the market for years are likely to actually damage their brand by annoying those leads with yet another unwelcome interruption.

How to Filter the Good From the Bad: Contacting Leads Faster!

Is there a solution? Of course. The only limit to the marketplace for ideas and solutions to business problems is our sense of imagination.

There are many ways to improve the quality of lead list data.

Most of these methods involve careful data analysis and filtering before purchase. Others have to do with the specific ways of generating it.

The key, though, when you just can’t be sure, is to start working on the list as fast as possible to get a feel for it.

By contacting leads faster, you’ll be able to know how valuable your list is. Even if it’s not that good, there’s still a chance that some of the leads might pan out, so it’s never a complete waste of time.

Contacting Leads Faster With Boom Demand

This is one of the many business acceleration services we provide at Boom Demand. With the help of our affiliate brands such as Smart Funnel, we enable quality lead buying by working with strong affiliate publishing partners. These partnerships help us to generate high-value industry-specific leads that come with built-in interest.

Whether we help you buy the leads or not, our main focus is the skill and power of our team of sales development representatives.

Our SDRs are excellent at contacting leads faster so that you and your in-house sales team can focus on building relationships. We do all of the cold outreach and social media brand-awareness work it takes to find the customers that are ready to work with you.

We always ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck while we’re at it! Contact us today to jump-start your sales cycle!

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Sales Lead Generation Prerequisites and Tactics

Black lady working on a laptop in her office
  • Sales lead generation helps you find new prospective clients
  • Businesses can’t grow without constantly finding new customers
  • The process of finding leads is now more technologically sophisticated
  • Lead generation specialists make business growth more efficient
  • Boom Demand acts on high-quality data to help scale your business

What’s the most basic process that enables continued business growth? We would argue that it’s the one that gets you on the road that leads to your customers. So what if you’ve got a great product if you don’t have anyone to sell it to? Sales lead generation is how you find people to sell it to.

Without those finding efforts, you have to rely on word-of-mouth and hope that your brand goes viral. For most companies, though, that’s just not fast or effective enough for survival.

Sales Leads: Critical Business Fuel

What’s a business without sales? Not much of one, that’s for sure!

According to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound research report, lead and traffic generation is thebiggest marketing challenge for over 60% of all the companies that they surveyed. Likewise, more than a quarter of all those companies reported that their top marketing priority was to reduce the cost of lead generation.

Clearly, it’s something of a concern.

No other marketing activity has more potential to accelerate a company’s profitability than effective lead generation. Rather than waiting for customers to discover your products, you want to take the conversation to them. But to do that, you first need to know who they are.

That’s where the data comes into play.

The Data behind the Sales Lead Generation Process

In the old days, before the advent of the internet, some sales professionals would literally just crack open a phone book and cold call anyone.

Clearly, that’s not a very sophisticated approach. It’s not even targeted, except insofar as the phone book had business listings grouped by industry. But where else were you going to be able to find an effective compilation of potential customers?

The internet solved a lot of problems for sales and marketing people. It also gave rise to complex new challenges. On the one hand, it made it easier for companies to find their ideal customers. On the other, it made it a lot easier for prospects to verify claims and comparison shop.

This is good for everyone because it forces sales teams to be more careful about how they approach their prospects.

Customers have gotten so tired of answering cold calls that, increasingly, they don’t answer anyunfamiliar caller. They prefer text messages and social media connections.

This means that sales lead data has to include a whole lot more than just a list of phone numbers.

Specialized Experts Keep The Tank Full

The modern digital marketing landscape means that sales lead generation relies on targeted, high-quality data.

Any business that wants to use its limited resources effectively has to ensure that every lead they contact is at least in some way relevant to their market. No more random phone book pages!

You need to be sure that your lead data makes it possible for you to reach out across a variety of channels. It’s important to be where the customer is most comfortable because if you don’t, the competition will.

The Benefits of Trusting Sales Lead Generation to Boom Demand

Boom Demand acts on behalf of our clients as a performance sales development agency. We turn refined and accurate sales lead data into better and faster sales.

We ensure that each lead comes from trustworthy sources in full compliance with applicable regulations. More than that, we use the best and most effective outreach techniques. Such tactics ensure that leads come with a built-in interest in the right industry and market segments and that we find them where they want to be found!

Contact us today to get started with a specialized customer acquisition strategy that will help you scale up faster and better!

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Sales Outsourcing With Two Great Nearshore Offices

  • Sales outsourcing is good for both clients and workers
  • Boom Demand sales happen at two nearshore offices in Mexico
  • Our office in Puerto Vallarta attracts international talent
  • Our new presence in Guadalajara is surrounded by tech knowledge
  • We offer great career and business partnership opportunities

What’s the best thing about sales outsourcing? Is it the low cost of building up a client base? Perhaps to some. For the sales development representatives and support staff who work in it, it’s got to be the opportunities it provides.

We get the chance to develop our talents and build our resumes with professional experience in a dynamic field. We also get to do it while living in some truly amazing places.

Sales Outsourcing With Boom Demand

A core part of Boom Demand’s sales outsourcing strategy is the old real estate rule: “location, location, location.”

When our parent company Boomsourcing started out as Teleserve, they opened up a nearshore contact center in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is a gorgeous and cosmopolitan metropolis just a couple of hours outside of Mexico City. They were able to find many talented and educated professionals to work with them there. As they kept growing, though, a change of scenery was in order.

Enter Puerto Vallarta

You see, Puebla is a really nice place, but it didn’t have the kind of international draw that would later prove crucial to our success.

As they started to diversify the services we provide to include more than our core of outbound agents and inbound verifiers, they also needed to find more people with more diverse backgrounds.

By moving the contact center across the country to Puerto Vallarta, they planted themselves in a major international tourist hub. They started to draw in talent from all around the world.

That’s when it became possible to start offing sales outsourcing. Boom Demand was born.

Because of that, we now have a rapidly growing team of sales development representatives. We come from Mexico, the USA, Canada, the UK, and several other countries. It seems kind of funny to work in an English-speaking office in Mexico, but nearly all of us are also bilingual to varying degrees.

The contact center itself is in a great spot.

Puerto Vallarta as a whole offers a stunning array of fun activities to enjoy. These range from the vibrant nightlife and art scenes in its historic downtown to the fantastic restaurants throughout the city. The gorgeous beaches and captivating jungles that surround the whole region are breathtakingly beautiful. You should come and visit!

The Centrocity Office

Our current office is located in the Centrocity Aramara commercial plaza in the city’s Las Moras neighborhood. We enjoy excellent food and entertainment options for neighbors. The plaza provides convenient public transit access to all of the city’s major attractions and residential areas. Our workplace is within easy walking distance of major shopping centers. The Hotel Zone and its publicly accessible beaches are nearby. There’s also a greenbelt along the Pitillal River, and a variety of local shops and restaurants.

We keep growing, though. This office is already our second home in the city. We still have some breathing room where we are, but it had rapidly become necessary for us to start cultivating additional options for our expansion.

Growing to Guadalajara

As we considered our clients’ sales outsourcing needs, we discovered that not everything had to be in one spot. Puerto Vallarta is a great city for attracting an international workforce. We also saw the need to deepen our strength with Mexican talent, though.

For that, we decided to look for a place like our original home in Puebla. It just couldn’t be too far from our main nearshore facility in Puerto Vallarta.

Guadalajara was the logical choice.

As a cultural and educational hub of Mexico, Guadalajara provides much of the same benefits we enjoyed in Puebla. It has a larger and more tech-centered labor pool to draw from, though.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in the country and it is ranked as the eighth best city to visit in Mexico and South America. Known as the land of tequila and mariachi, it is rich in history and traditions; it is also known as the Mexican Silicon Valley.

Guadalajara itself provides endless shopping and dining options in and surrounding its historic center. There’s entertainment to enjoy, and museums, monuments, and educational institutions to learn from. Transport connections to the rest of Mexico are highly convenient.

The Zapopan Office

Our Guadalajara-area contact center is in the La Estancia residential neighborhood of the adjacent city of Zapopan. Like our location in Puerto Vallarta, this puts our workplace within easy walking distance of Galerías Guadalajara and several other big shopping centers. A variety of local shops, restaurants, and nearby parks surround us. It’s easy for us to find a spot where we can relax and enjoy the city’s pleasant weather. It’s also just a few kilometers from Chivas Stadium!

All in all, Boom Demand’s sales outsourcing efforts are greatly enhanced by establishing these kinds of workplaces in such excellent locations.

Sales Outsourcing: Limitless Opportunities for Growth

These two amazing nearshore sales development offices in Mexico give our company the power to provide our clients with amazing benefits.

Our offices do more than just draw in amazing sales talent from around the world. They let us provide each employee with excellent benefits and compensation compared to the local markets. Because of the locations, those benefits come at a fraction of the cost our clients would pay to do everything in-house or otherwise onshore.

Working in these cities thus makes it possible for us to do a lot of good for a lot of people.

For us, being able to work in this company and this industry has been a life-changing opportunity. Boom Demand helps us refine our natural talents and build our careers. Meanwhile, we enjoy our lives with our families and friends in beautiful places!

If you think you’d like to join our teams and live as we do, explore our Careers page. If you’re building your business, and need the help of a happy and dedicated team that will help you find a lot of new customers, get in touch with us today! We make it happen!

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Company Culture: Founded on Solid Values

  • Company culture contributes greatly to business success.
  • Our culture as a business is shaped by the values we embrace.
  • We believe in striving for excellence in all that we do.
  • Excellence inspires others and helps everyone to own their work.
  • These values make Boom Demand a great place to build a career!

What does culture mean to you? Every company has a culture, just like every village, every church, and every country in the world. Culture happens wherever groups of people gather with at least one thing in common. It happens whether or not you try to shape it positively or negatively. Company culture is important to understand because it affects the success of each organization.

Sometimes people say that every culture has equal value. When we’re talking about national cultures and traditions, you might be able to make that case. We think, however, that some cultures are more conducive to personal and organizational success than others. There’s also such a thing as toxic cultures that hurt people, and which should be avoided or reformed. Good cultures are beautiful, though, and these allow art, science, and faith to flourish together.

What’s our Company Culture all About?

At the fundamental level, we strive to build a tribe within Boom Demand. We’re united by common values and interests. Typical business activities are important, of course. We’re definitely interested in making as much money as we can. But it’s not just about that.

You see, we believe that nothing is more valuable to us than our integrity as people. We know that trust is the basis of good salesmanship. That’s why we’re careful about the clients we work with, and the campaigns we engage in. We do everything aboveboard. That’s not just so that both our clients and their customers know they can rely on us. We do it because it’s the right thing to do!

We do that by focusing on three core values that we strive to instill in everything we do. We expect each member of our tribe to live these values in both their personal and professional lives.


What does excellence mean to you? For some of us, excellence is all about always learning, and always applying what we learn. In that way, we always grow stronger and more competent and more capable. Excellence means constantly polishing and refining our efforts so that our work always does more for us.

For Jacob Munns, our CEO, excellence is like what happens when you walk into a clean bathroom. This may seem like a kind of funny comparison, but think about it: usually, you don’t think of bathrooms as a very clean kind of place, right? But when you walk into a bathroom that’s spotless and smells like heaven, you know that someone, somewhere, has done a truly excellent job. They’ve scrubbed and wiped it down from top to bottom and left nothing behind.

That’s what excellence is, and that’s how we do our work. We leave nothing to chance. We’re diligent, and we use our skills in the best ways.

Inspire Others

Working with that level of excellence translates into something more. We seek to help everyone around us do better. When we work with excellence, we’re able to inspire others to do the same. This is how company culture really starts to flourish. One person can be excellent and surrounded by mediocrity, but it’s better when everyone begins to work according to their maximum potential.

So that’s why we encourage each other. We promote good ideas, we implement best practices, and we have a lot of fun doing it! The result is a workplace that we enjoy going to each day. Working in our offices, it’s not just a question of completing tasks. It’s a matter of working with friends to accomplish great things and make business better for everyone.

Act Like an Owner

We keep ourselves accountable. we are responsible to our clients, to each other, and to ourselves. When we take on a project or a task, it becomes ours. We take ownership of the process and our hive of activity. That doesn’t mean that we can’t ask for help when we need it, or that we can’t share each other’s burdens, though.

What it means is that we do everything we can, as individuals and as a tribe, to achieve our goals with integrity. Our performance reflects our dedication, and our willingness to do our best work, all the time. We help each other when our fellow tribe members need or ask for it. That’s how our company culture becomes a web that connects us deeply.

Careers With Boom Demand and Boomsourcing

If you want to work in a place that embraces these kinds of values, visit our careers page to see how you can contribute. These values are essential parts of all the work we do for our clients.

We also enjoy the benefits of working in beautiful places. Opportunities for fun and relaxation surround us, in addition to our vibrant company culture. Apply today!

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Sales Development Strategy Points

  • The beginning of sales development strategy is niche expertise.
  • Good sales development builds your brand all along the way.
  • Phones are critical, but social media activity generates warm leads.
  • Powerful tools improve the overall efficiency of the sales cycle.
  • Boom Demand makes it simple to scale new customer growth!

No company operating in the modern B2B space is likely to be successful without a comprehensive sales development strategy. The nature of sales tactics has changed dramatically during the past decade. Simply making a hundred prospect calls per day isn’t going to cut it anymore. Customers are harder to reach and have more options than ever before. That makes the way you reach out to them the first and perhaps most important way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Authority Figures?

One of the first things that every potential customer looks for is expertise. They want to be sure that they can trust the information you provide. They want to feel confident that you understand their industry and their particular business. They’re not going to want to hand over their money to you if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Of course, if your company is new to the industry in question, it can be tricky to establish your credentials. They say first impressions are the most important. When you get somebody on the line, you only have a few seconds to establish your authority with them. So how do you do that if your customers have been in business longer than you have?

Having authority is really a highly subjective issue. It has a whole lot more to do with what the person you’re speaking with perceives rather than what you actually know. And one of the most important aspects of being a leader is humility. You have to recognize what you simply don’t know. But this doesn’t mean that you have to lack confidence regarding what you do know. That confidence is what most often comes across as having authority in the eyes of others.

Experts in Your Niche

An individual SDR might not technically be as much of an expert on a particular product or service as, say, your own company’s Chief Product Officer. A skilled SDR can, however, convey just as much natural authority when speaking with a prospect. This is true as long as they know what they need to know and can explain it with confidence.

That’s why Boom Demand SDRs are always experts in the niches that our client companies serve. They receive constant training and feedback from our top sales experts. We provide them with access to all the materials they need to understand our clients’ products and services. That enables them to help prospects understand them as well.

High-Power Demand Generation

This expertise translates to more than just successful sales calls. By using multiple methods of engagement, a good sales development strategy will have effects that go far beyond closing deals on new contracts.

Through using their time effectively,  SDRs can actually drive the conversation that surrounds your brand. When establishing themselves as experts, they also establish your brand as a source of expertise. This means that people will start to keep your brand top-of-mind even if they don’t purchase immediately. They’ll turn to your representatives and your content when they have questions about how they can work better.

Not only do SDRs find prospects that are already qualified, but they also help qualified prospects find you. Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are incredibly powerful tools. A particular prospect may not be qualified for your services at the time we contact them, but they probably know somebody else who is.

The Mechanics of Sales Development Strategy

While we’ve pointed out multiple times that the sales process is not just about phone calls anymore, having personal conversations with prospects is still one of the critical pillars that support the sales funnel. Each representative strives to have a meaningful conversation with as many prospects as possible, each day.

What makes that happen, though, is not that anybody’s dialing hundreds of random numbers for hours and hours on end. Meaningful conversations can start anywhere, but they’re most likely to happen when a relationship already exists before the first digit is dialed.

This is why social media outreach is so important to an effective sales development strategy. By actively participating in LinkedIn and other social media networks, every sales representative can establish themselves as a personal authority in the relevant B2B niches before anyone ever hears their voice. Not only can they establish expertise, but they can also help spread your brand and its benefits across the internet.

Highly Efficient Sales Enablement

No part of an effective sales development strategy happens in a vacuum. Having a system of organization is key. For maximum success, a lot of moving parts have to work in a coordinated fashion.

One way we do this is by following an optimized cadence of contact points over the course of 19 days for each prospect. Boom Demand SDRs also use modern tools like Salesloft to simplify and organize every activity that they carry out. Everything from individual phone calls, social media outreach messages and posts, and customized emails follow an adaptable but firm schedule.

This ensures that every potential prospect receives the full measure of attention they deserve. No lead gets left out, and we provide everyone with the maximum opportunity for a fruitful business relationship.

Leveraging the Sales Development Strategy of Boom Demand

Implementing a sales development strategy is about making sure that you can use your own resources in the most efficient way possible. We take the time to carry out cold outreach and warm up other leads so that you don’t have to. You can focus your energies on building relationships with people who are already interested and what you provide.

It’s one more way to ensure that your organization is truly able to become the best player in its niche.

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Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Implement Now

  • Effective lead generation strategies result in higher-quality interactions
  • Personalizing emails and focusing on opt-in lists brings in more interested leads
  • Active social media posting and blogging help build brand exposure and authority
  • Old-fashioned networking, both one-on-one and in groups, makes it even more personal
  • Boom Demand specializes in lead generation strategies so our clients don’t have to!

If your business isn’t quite booming the way you’d like it to, you may need an infusion of new blood. By that, we mean customers and clients. No business can grow for very long without a continued influx of sales. Getting sales, of course, requires having leads to follow up on in the first place. There are both good and bad ways to get leads. The bad ways will get you leads that aren’t very interested in what you have to say. Effective lead generation strategies, on the other hand, provide you with a constant stream of people who want to know more about what you offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that traditional lead generation strategies can be made even more effective.

Personalize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for decades now, and so has undesirable spam. Marketers know that the best way to reach their prospects by email is to make sure that those prospects already want to receive their messages.

There are a couple of ways to go about this. Some unsolicited cold email may be unavoidable, but the key to using it effectively is to respect the wishes of those we communicate with.

When we reach out to somebody who then asks not to be contacted again, we should do as they request and remove them from our list. Those who don’t ask to be removed, however, may turn out to be excellent prospects in the future, or refer us to somebody else who is.

Another important strategy for using email relies on opt-in lists. We can create these lists using our websites, including blogs and social media.

By providing landing pages with clear calls to action, we can invite site visitors to share their email address with us in exchange for a subscription or a download. This way, we provide something of value to them in exchange for something of value to us.

Anybody who subscribes to one of these lists, and continues engaging with the content, is a great candidate for direct personal follow-up. And that personal aspect is crucial.

To use this technique as one of your more effective lead generation strategies, follow-up emails should be crafted with the specific prospect in mind. It’s okay to use canned form emails, as long as they provide space to include the person’s name, and some specific interests they might have. It should take a moment, at least, to personalize an email.

Double Down on Social Media

Another important way to generate leads that are valuable to your company is by leveraging social media more effectively.

Social media isn’t just something that your workers use to kill time in between prospect calls. Everybody on your team should be actively reaching out to potential prospects via social networks.

We really like the “$1.80 strategy” that Gary Vaynerchuk recommends

At a minimum, you or a social media specialist that you hire should be researching trending topics, especially on LinkedIn, and leaving your “two cents” on at least 90 posts per day. That’s nine each across the top ten hashtags that relate to your business.

This will take some time, and it’s important for your comments to be relevant and thoughtful, and not spammy. The benefits of doing this, though, are dramatically increased exposure for your brand, and the greater authority that you’ll carry with your prospects.

You’ll also learn a lot from the content you consume in the process!

These tactics apply to other social media networks as well, such as Instagram and even Facebook, to a degree. Facebook can be especially useful for local businesses looking to connect with their neighbors.

Write a Consistently Helpful Blog

Something else that you should definitely do as part of a series of more effective lead generation strategies is to write a truly useful blog.

Although you should post consistently, quality is far more important than quantity. If your blog posts provide truly valuable content, answer customer questions, and help educate potential prospects, you will gain more interested potential clients.

Similar to the benefits of increased social media activity, authoritative blogs provide you with credibility. That credibility translates to trust. Trust becomes sales and sales become revenue.

Make sure that every post you write includes links and quotes from other authoritative sources, and that you do your research. Search engine optimization is important so that people can find your information. It’s more important, though, to keep them there once they arrive, by ensuring that they can trust you.

Network in Person and in Groups

Another way to generate more leads, one that marketers often overlook in the information age, is the value of old-fashioned networking.

There are so many benefits to meeting in person that you just cannot get from online interaction. One-on-one networking gives you and your prospects the opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level. This is an important way to discover how well you’ll be able to work together.

That compatibility can greatly affect the amount of value that you can provide each other. The relationship between a business and their clients is a partnership of sorts because both sides do truly provide something of value to each other, or at least they ought to. A relationship that doesn’t provide value to both parties is not usually one worth maintaining.

In addition to this kind of personal networking, organized events can be of great value.

One excellent strategy you can employ is for your top salespeople and executives to volunteer to be presenters at an organized networking event. Not only will this exposure provide you access to numerous potential prospects, but it will also bolster your authority within your industry.

Never let an opportunity to meet people you can help, and who can help you, pass you by!

Implementing Effective Lead Generation Strategies With Boom Demand

Effective lead generation strategies come at a cost. There’s no getting around that. It requires more effort than simply purchasing a list that somebody else put together. But that list might not even be relevant to your industry. And that’s what makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Boom Demand’s lead generation strategy revolves around helping our clients build quality lead generation programs at a lower cost.

Our specialized teams of professional sales development representatives help implement outreach strategies across multiple platforms. They specialize in Sales Development, Demand Generation, and Top-of-Funnel Lead Generation so that you don’t have to.

With our help, you can build up your authority and your client base while still focusing on your core competencies and your bottom line.

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Top of the Funnel Lead Generation Strategy Tips

What is Top of the Funnel Lead Generation?

  • Top of the funnel lead generation should be the first step of your sales process.
  • You need to get people interested in your products through easy-to-find content.
  • It’s important to leverage social media as much as possible, especially LinkedIn.
  • Leads that this process generates become prospects when you reach out to them.
  • Boom Demand helps clients scale by optimizing lead generation and sales efforts!

What’s top of the funnel lead generation all about? It’s important to understand this initial stage of the sales process, and how it relates to your marketing efforts. What do you have to do to succeed here, and how? We’ll also take a look at how Boom Demand can help.

Building Momentum

The key concept to understand when we’re talking about top of the funnel lead generation is that this is how you drive interest in your products in the first place.

You need to generate content that your prospective clients will be able to find online. This content doesn’t need to be excessively detailed. The main thing is to build awareness and interest.

Later down the road, you’ll be able to educate your prospects further. That’s where sales development representatives and downloadable content come in. For now, though, it’s just about giving people a little taste of the benefits they could enjoy with your service.

The one really important key is that you want your content at this stage to be highly engaging and even entertaining. The reason for this is to get people to come back for more. The top of the funnel has a lot to do with top-of-mind as well.

If your content is engaging and entertaining, visitors that happened across it once will remember it. When they have a need for your solutions, they’ll come back. Likewise, for somebody who is actively looking for the kinds of services that you provide, you want to make sure that you hook them right away.

Another major aspect of the kind of work that goes into top of the funnel lead generation is the way that your blog and website themselves are optimized. Of course, you need to generate the content that search engines will find, and work to build links between yourself and other companies and individuals who can recommend your services. Even more important than that, though, your website simply needs to be easy to navigate and clearly understandable. If it’s not, prospects will leave just as fast as they arrive.

Leveraging LinkedIn and Other Socials

You also are going to want to implement a powerful social media strategy. Not only do you want to have an active content-generating presence on LinkedIn, as well as other social media platforms, you need to actively interact with your potential customers.

Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking a lot recently about the incredible organic potential of LinkedIn in particular:

The $1.80 strategy is a concept I came up with a couple of years ago when people were asking me how to build audience on Instagram.
“My advice was to find the top performing posts in your space by searching relevant hashtags or looking at the “top posts” in your area — and add your “two cents” in the comments.
“Not fluff comments that so many bots leave, but something meaningful that shows that you actually consumed the piece of content.
“Do that 90 times a day, and you’ll start building a community and a personal brand.
“What people don’t realize is, the same strategy can apply to LinkedIn.”

(From “LinkedIn Marketing Strategies” by Gary Vaynerchuk)

This strategy will ensure that you and your company representatives will be able to drive exposure for your company across a wide audience.

Inbound Connects to Outbound

Top of the funnel lead generation is mostly about inbound marketing. Not so surprisingly, though, it ties in closely with your outbound sales efforts.

Once you have the necessary content in place, or even as you’re still developing it, you should have your professional sales team actively reaching out to potential prospects. The marketing content that you develop along the way can serve a double purpose as sales collateral, too.

This outbound sales strategy is where Boom Demand specializes.

Not only do we help our clients optimize their top of the funnel lead generation strategies, but we also proactively reach out to those leads to accelerate the whole sales process.

Our SDR teams work throughout the day to contact as many potential customers for our clients as possible. They do cold outreach over the phone, email, and social media. They schedule appointments for interested prospects to speak with your in-house account executives.

All of this saves enormous amounts of time and resources for our clients. Our work enables them to scale their businesses faster!

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